Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm not sure why everything has to be so full of drama.
Granted, I've been making probably more than my own fair share, but seriously, it's just kinda silly. 

We have a duplex we're renting out.  Or rather, trying to.  The previous renters moved out at the end of October.  There was dirt and furniture left.  So most everything eventually got moved.  and then we decided to scrub it properly.  and then paint.

Finally we show it to some people, most of whom say it's just not big enough.  True story.  The three of us living in there was interesting at times, but not too bad.  Finally a guy and his girl and their baby look at it.  The first words out of his mouth to me are:  "Has anyone else looked at it yet?"  They want it, they'll take it, they're very very excited about it.  It's Tuesday and they could get me the money by Friday.  I let them know that I showed it to this lady and she may bring her husband back to look at it.  The girl immediately says "we can get you the money sooner...?"  No, honey, it's that I promised I'd show it to someone else before I even knew you existed... 

On Wednesday they get me a list of references.  Which is where he works, a personal reference, and their current landlord.  they've lived there for 6 years.  Holy Cow!  That's amazing!  I want tenants for 6 years!!!  So I call and there's one of those anonymous answering machines.  I HATE those!!!  how am I supposed to know I left the correct semi-confidential information on the correct answering machine if I don't know that it's your answering machine.  So I hang up and I vow to call back the next day.

An hour later I have a solid one min long message from their current landlord saying that they are awesome and have lived there ever since high school, but the place isn't big enough. 

Well, that sounds nice, I call them back and make an appointment to meet w/ them at 5.30 in front of the El Burrito store.  At 5.15 I get a phone call asking where I am b/c we were going to meet at 5.  I tell them that I'm home, thinking that we were going to meet at 5.30.  (my husband later agrees that we said 5.30)....