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Originally Posted Friday, June 01, 2007 And now I remember why I left

So today Boss Lady, or EX-Boss Lady, I should say, was VERY exacting. She couldn't make sense of my notes (but I'm thinking that's cause she wasn't a home health biller), she wanted to know why other people were doing my job (I can't bill w/o an authorization from the ins, and I'm unable to get the authorization, just as I'm unable to correct system errors etc.) and various other things, including letting me know that people would be calling me if they had issues with this, and that she was going to wait until later to actually send it down south to the biller. /sigh At any rate, so today was like any other day that would be focused on me... except that I handled all of it w/ poise and grace, smiled and answered all of her questions, and stopped talking when she interrupted me, and instead answered the new question. If she asked me about something (again) that I had been interrupted while explaining, I merely started again from the beginning... At any rate, if I remembered that I only had X hours left, then it was all good. LOL

During the course of the day one woman was allowed to leave for the day at noon, and another left at her usual time of 4. I also noticed that other people got to go home early, too. However... I, since it was my last day, was not to leave early.

At 4.30, I said good bye to everyone (Everyone being Mary at the front desk and Lois, who was walking out the door ahead of me), grabbed up my paper box w/ my stuff, and noticed that Boss Lady hadn't left, yet. I stopped and knocked on her door frame, my box and coat in my hands. I said, "Well, I'm leaving, now..." She barely looked up and said, "Oh Shit!!!" Now, From her tone, I knew that meant that she had something that she had meant for me to do and had forgotten to tell me to do it, but I decided to smile really big and exclaim w/ mock enthusiasm, "Oh, so you really WILL miss me?!?!!!"

"No, I just realized I messed something up on my computer."

And that, I remembered, is why I'm leaving.

Thank you, good night, I'll let you know how my week w/o work goes!!! I don't start my new job until June 11!!! whoo-hoo!! Saturday night, Mike's Elbow Room! 10.30 PM, after LARP!

Originally Posted Wednesday, May 30, 2007 Bad Day # 3

Today was not a good day.

It wasn't work so much (although that wasn't good, exactly) but everything outside of work. I find myself full of impatience and anger, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Originally Posted Monday, May 28, 2007 Dream

I had this crazy dream last night where I was in a college that I had gone to, before (albeit in another dream), and I had just moved into this dorm room (I guess it was for 4 people, cause there were 4 beds around, 2 of them were pushed together.)

I guess I moved in with an old ex of mine, 'cause I saw him there, and then the other 2 girls who used to live there left, taking all their stuff w/ them, and they made me promise to mail them any of their stuff that I found.

Then his 3 children came in, and we had to figure out how to merge my one w/ his 3. and I think that they got along just fine...

Then the ... I can't think of the word, but it's the person who lives on the floor, but is in the employ of the school.. I want to say floor moniter, but I know that is wrong. anyway

So that person came in, and took the kids for the weekend, and my ex and I did cocaine (the hell?!?!?!?!!) and I decided to get my nipple pierced, and so I did, but the professional guy who got it done used a push pin, (like a wall pin) and then put drugs on/in it, so that I got even higher. and then they fixed me w/ this cute little silver ring.

And then I woke up.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Ok, yeah, I have random thoughts of getting my nipple pierced, but cocaine?!? no. and I'm suddenly reminded that he has a myspace acct, to, so I should let the ex know I'm going home for a week, in case he's interested in hanging out. (but we won't do drugs, move in together and get pierced, if THAT is what you're thinking!!!)

Originally Posted Friday, May 25, 2007 Day 4

Today dragged on forever. I was notified that 2 weeks after I start in the other dept, that brass-type people are going to come in and eval. me. but after e-mailing new boss lady w/ a square I labeled the panic button, she said not to stress it, 'cause I don't even work over there, yet.

that's nice.

The tail end of the day crept up on me, then Suddenly, we got really busy, and I found myself typing in credit card numbers like my hands were on fire.

I swear, I'm a poster child for the Grasshopper style life

Originally Posted Thursday, May 24, 2007 Day 7 (or... Songs That Got Stuck In My Head)

Nothing exciting happened... that was nice.

So, instead, I compiled a list of songs that got stuck in my head at random points in the day. Generally, the criteria for getting stuck in my head is:

1) it's there for about an hour or more

2) it's a real song (as in, I can't make it up in my head and then get that stuck)

3) I can't FORCE it into my head (examples, when I was researching a song to try to remember the name of it, I accidentally got that "Special" song by the Pretenders in, but to get that, I had to force myself to think of the song... that doesn't count, 'cause I did it to myself, willingly)

Ok here we go:

"You're Big, I'm Little" by Jr. Asparagus in Dave and the Giant Pickle (Veggie Tales)

"Mother" - Danzig (Guitar Hero II)

"Tattooed Love Boys" (Just the opening bits, though) - the Pretenders (Guitar Hero II)

"Betty and Me" - Jonathan Coulton

Originally Posted Monday, May 21, 2007 Day 9

Apt opening.
Stiner's is moving out 'cause she's found Twue Wuv. So she and the boy are
going to move in together... somewhere else. Which is an annoyance, but not a
big one. I'm glad she's happy. If you know of anyone who is interested in a 1
bedroom/bath apt for pretty cheap... LOL
Boss-Lady gone
So Boss-Lady is going to be gone, starting Day 8 and she's not coming back until
Day 3! Which is exciting, etc. The funny part is that I have been rocking when
it comes to Bank Loans (which is a payment option, that really is the best for
some people in a lot of ways, so the hospital pays over half of the interest,
and the pt is left w/ a base 6% that they pay, it's generally a high dollar
thing, so the fact that I've done about 20! in the last 2 weeks shows how cool I
am... and for general reference, I've done 3 in the 3 months prior to this!)
and bank Loans require a Managerial signature.
So w/ Boss-Lady gone, we normally go to 2nd in command. Who will also be gone to this business meeting. then we go to Ramona, who is also on vacation. Then, apparently we go to Cecilia (I asked if we can have a Pizza Party, and she said on Fri and we pull from petty cash) then, laughing, I asked who signs if Cecilia calls in sick? Lois. laughing, I demanded to know how far down the totem pole I was, and I wanted to know if I could ever sign, or if Helen in Housekeeping gets to sign first. Boss-Lady laughed and walked away.... /cry

New Job/PT comment
So, as I was walking down the hallway I noticed that Physical Therapy has a
new Welcome to the team poster up for some new person. The manager was
there (and I know it's the front desk girls who do this extra effort...) so
I mentioned how nice it was that the dept. was so welcoming. She thanked
me, and then said,
"Carena... are you the one who is moving over to the Home Health dept?"
I admitted that I was
She told me what a good dept it was and that she looks forward to working
with me. (Like she's heard good things about me, or something... it was
really cool and affirming)

The Office
Bridget Jones
There was this AWESOME episode of The Office a bit back where Kelly Kapur trained Kevin, Ocsar and that Blond woman I love to hate. She told them that sometimes she gives her "name as Bridget Jones (and starts speaking in the accent) and I speak like this ALLL day." Wanna know a secret? I always give my name out correctly, but if for some reason my voice twangs, or lilts or whatever... I keep it up for the entire conversation. It's fun.

Originally Posted Monday, May 14, 2007 Day 14 - Getting Better

I solved a couple of problems, but for the most part, work was good. I'm getting relaxed. A false sense of security perhaps? very likely. Yet I find I can't help feeling it, anyway.

I brought in orange rolls that Becky made for Mother's Day. Very tasty! I should really learn how to cook. One of these days.

In other news, I scored a 5' ficus tree. It's 6 trunks that about 3 feet up are all woven together. (2 sets of braids, and then turned into a weave... I can't wait until I can start moving stuff around)

In bad news. Kiddo is doing very not good at school. As in her behavior is so bad, I had a letter written to me by the teacher. /sigh She went to the principal for kicking someone, and generalized mouthy-ness is a problem. Now, I know that I don't kick... and I don't know for sure, but I have a bad feeling I know where she got her mouthy-ness...

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Sunday, May 13, 2007 Happy Mother's Day

Today was pretty nice. I slept about 12 hours, and totally ignored house work. We went out to Matt's mom's house and I grilled (lol the joys of being Junior Mother, I guess) and it was nice. Baby got me a really cool pair of crystal and silver earrings and Matt says he was going to either buy me chairs for the house or guitar hero… I kinda want Guitar Hero, however, I can't imagine how I'll find the time to obsess about it like I know I'll want to. LOL I already hardly watch my Netflix.

Baby's sense of style is really starting to come out. It's just a hint, now, but I think she's going to go w/ the Girly/Sporty look, later in life. Today she wore: Hair up in pony tail, pulled through a pink ball cap w/ Tinkerbell on it. The shirt was Purple w/ that bunny (I have no clue what his name/trademark is, but he says all the mean things?) that says, "I'm not a meany, you're just a sissy." She wore a khaki colored mini skirt w/ a ruffled flair at the bottom, (built in shorts) and then white dress shoes. SO CUTE!!!

Originally Posted Saturday, May 12, 2007 Day 15... CSR Hell

Ok. We're down one girl, and one more had to take the day for just straight up billing, so Boss Lady was going to work her accounts for her... Didn't really work that way, AT ALL, but BL DID go through and work a bunch of stuff that I gave to her (needing managerial approval, etc.... Like this one company has decided that since they didn't request that the Dr. order a couple of tests to make sure that the patient was actually healthy on the physical that they require before they hire... they won't pay for them. And then she had the unmitigated gall to tell me I should be billing the doctor. my god.

So by 8.30, I had discovered that I needed to put away all goals and aspirations and just focus on answering the phone and solving people's problems… Actually, I'm a pretty big nerd about this, 'cause I felt pretty good about it, when it was done. Don't get me wrong, I was emotionally and mentally drained (HARD STUFF!!! Like trying to find out why the military insurance had suddenly decided that about 600$ worth of one person's hospital stay was redundant and they shouldn't pay for it! [answer, in case you care, is that a) it wasn't and b) they should and will]) I set people up on bank loans, I answered questions about charity. I pulled people out of collections… I EVEN managed to unsnarl this nasty bit of work that one of my other co-workers had dropped the ball on, and it should net about 10 grand that the hospital had already given up on and written off.

I'm good at this job. I really am. Every single person was satisfied when I finished with them and hung up the phone. Every person was happy (Except for one, and, listen Lady, there is absolutely no way that I can find out if your kid is eligible for Medicaid if you don't call and tell me so, and refuse to give me his social security number. True Story!)

I will miss this bit of it. Just the wading in, figuring out what is wrong and setting it to rights.

That I will miss a lot. But I guess I will have a new position, and new problems to solve… That's what an analyst does, right?

As for this week (end) I know I've been a butt head, and I've stood a lot of people up… and I can blame Matt being so sick (he really is bad off… I'm trying to get him to go to the Dr., but he keeps saying we can't afford it. He's had this cold a lot longer than I have, and even if it didn't hit him as hard as it did me… I worry for his lungs), but I'm also just really tired. I just want to sleep, and yet when it is time to. I can't. My brain is done, but my body isn't. I need to go and work out, but it's so late, that I know it will just jazz my body up, and then I won't sleep… And during the day when I say I will, my brain says I won't, and somehow… I don't.

Originally Posted Thursday, May 10, 2007 Day 16.

I am trying to get caught up, but unfortunately things just keep happening. Like today I spoke w/ 5 different people, solved one problem, and set up 4 payment arrangements all before 9! Then I spent the next hour making sure I hadn't made any mistakes. LOL That's the worst.

Next Wednesday I have a 2 hour appt set up w/ Boss Lady to start the transition of my accounts to someone else. I don't know why it irritates me so.

I remember in High School (Drama class) there was a boy, Kevin, who was, as a student, directing a play. His lead male couldn't step up to the performance, so he actually took over the part. He got some ribbing about how he did what all directors dream of doing, which is just taking over and doing the damn thing yourself.

That's how I feel about this billing. If only I did the entry (which is the job I WILL be doing) I would make sure that this got fixed in a timely manner... and then I could bill it. LOL

On a side note. It's spring, which means I spend 50$ on my mother in law for plants for her birthday and another 50$ for her for Mother's Day (They are about a week apart) I think it's a good gift, and we spend the time, together, planning gardens, and looking at plants.... I think this year I will only focus on my herbs... Right now I have oregano, Something and Something... But what I really want is Basil, as I've discovered I absolutely LOVE pesto pizza when I make the pesto AND the pizza. hrm... another example of my directoral powers? possibly... I just hate delegating when I know I do it better, myself.

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Originally Posted Wednesday, May 09, 2007 Day 17: Thwarted

Have you ever gone a day convinced that everyone is actively trying to Thwart you and your goals?

That was my day, today.

I'm not even sure how many different fronts I was actively being Thwarted on... Let me try to count them (Goal, by the way, is for me to really clean up the Home Health system before I leave)

1) Medicare: There are several accounts where Medicare has paid, IN F-sking full!, and yet there is still a balance? WHY!??!!?!

2) Analyst: This is the person that I go to when there is a possible system problem, for example something paying in full and there still being a balance. I had 7 accounts like this. She's too busy to get to it, and are they old? Yeah, they are all over 210 days (which is OLD in the AR universe) "So why all of this now?" "I'm trying to clean up." "really?!? so NOW you're going to get it all fixed?" unfortunatley no, as everyone is too busy to try to do their part, which, granted, I don't expect everyone to drop everything, 'cause I don't like to... but I have been asking off and on for a few months, now...

3) Medicaid: I have 5 service dates. A-E, we'll say. Medicaid came through and paid C, D & E. I send in a written request for them to process A&B as well (first I had to get my Auth gal to get the Auth for me) and Medicaid pays... and takes back their payment for C, D & E. (Which means that when they are done, I'm deeper in the hole than I was, originally. Fiscally speaking)

4) My Auth Gal: Ok, not totally her fault, but I can't get the bills paid until she gives me the Authorization number, which the Ins has to give to her... oh, and there was one little incidence of me having to divide one bill out into Prior to 9/7, After 9/18 and Physical Therapy, and After 9/18 and Skilled Nursing... and 9/14 which has No AUTH at all. It somehow isn't covered by ANYthing. Although, she's pretty cool about me being a loose cannon and all. I mean, how many people (on a land line) could YOU call that you work with, start growling about how they are Actively Thwarting you... and then have them pretend that they are going through a tunnel w/ their cell phone and make staticky noises... LOL

5) Oh, and there's my poster. She posts money to the accounts and adjusts off amounts if they need to be. I have an account that is over a year old w/ 4$ on it. I need that adj off, please. Yeah, she's having problems w/ it, and can't do that. Sorry.... but she'll send an e-mail to the analyst...

So I think that's it, for now.... I mean, and that isn't even counting people who just aren't paying on their bills. That's de regiour.

I think it's best summed up in this little story about what I saw out of my window...

There was this raven sitting there, and preening. "look at me, I'm so pretty" So I do. And it takes a crap, and then flys off.

The End

Originally Posted Monday, May 07, 2007 Day 19

Today wouldn't have been so bad except I was banging my head up against the same damn brick wall that I've been banging it for the last 3 years... uncooperative people... or, worse than that, just unmotivated.

I worked on a project that someone else started, and then divided it up by the alphabet, and handed it out, and was told that since I'd already started it... ummm, no. I was working it back when they were, I just fielded this phone call and now I get to hear all this crap about how the ins had better pay or else? yeah. whatever.

and I hear moan after groan about how they are doing all this work, then why are my files so clean, and I'm also doing billing? (granted, the billing is ALL bad, but the new system is NOT! FRIENDLY! to the billers. I can't even see the payments posted, really. Not unless I know exactly which service dates I'm looking for. And, again, see how people aren't cooperating. I can't even bill it until I get the Auths.

Originally Posted Thursday, May 03, 2007 Day 21

Day 21 was full of sniffles. I did get some work done, but other than that, I was just sick.

(I think I'm discovering that I have less to talk about if Boss-Lady isn't there... dear God, does this mean my next job could be boring?)

Originally Posted Monday, April 30, 2007 Stayin' Alive....

Day 23

Today was good for several reasons. 1) Boss-Lady is gone until next week, but, as I am still incarcerated here, I shall continue to number my days by days at work, NOT by days... not sure how I'd word it, but... you know.

2) I have tomorrow off, so yeah. That's cool.

3) Boss-Lady is gone... heh

What I did today: I planned on not working hard at all, and I ended up cleaning up several troublesome accounts. I went through all of my workfiles. I went through someone else's troublesome account, and I fielded who knows how many calls/customers/complaints, and I'm pretty sure that the complainers went away happy 'cause they all said "Thank you, Carena" at the end. That makes me happy!

It's kind of strange, w/o Boss-Lady about, I got FAR more done than when she's in the office ignoring me, and my day was far better. She gets back next Tues... Maybe I'll just compare those days...

Tomorrow I plan on having lots of fun. Not sure what Mom and I are going to do, but it will be fun.

Originally Posted Sunday, April 29, 2007 Nice coat, lots of pocket room

So, I went and bought this anime fairy kite for Baby and my mom and I to go fly. We went out to Ward Lake and had a lot of fun. We must have been out there in the cold weather for an hour or 2.

The nice thing about my mom staying for the week is that it's just nice to have her around. We think so much alike and we find ourselves saying the exact same thing at the exact same time to Baby. It's funny.

The down side is that it's weird having her in the house. I can't smoke, and I feel odd about not praying over meals, or going to church. Things that are commonplace in her house (not the smoking, lol that's a big NO!)

Apparently there's something wrong w/ me, however. We went to Wally World, yesterday, and mom and I were making plans to make a heat shield to help insulate the windows. Mom was even going to buy me a sewing machine ('cause mine is possessed by the Devil and only sews backwards), except when we were 98% of the way done... Hubby, one item at a time, changed everything, so that suddenly. We were picking up see through panels to just hang, and there was going to be no sewing, and I'm looking at paint swatches to figure out what color to paint the house, and he's telling me to just pick a color, and then we'll match it w/ the full 5 piece curtains we're going to buy (and suddenly I'm not making anything) and mom says something about how if we find an item to build around, (example a throw pillow w/ flowers) you can get the trim from that color and the walls from that color, and the couches from this color, and blankets from t hat bit) and we're totally re-decorating the house, when all I wanted was a simple sewing project w/ my mom. So, (granted it was abruptly) I announced that I was done, and I wasn't going to make another decision. (oh, and he ushered us out of the craft shop 'cause they helped put us out of business by selling miniatures, so I guess I'm not allowed to take classes there?) and he kept pressing why, and I announced that if we weren't done that I was going to throw a hissy... and then I started crying. Mom tactfully went to the bathroom, and I tried to explain how suddenly I felt so overwhelmingly pressured, and I know he doesn't get it, and he even said he doesn't get it.

I'm not sure I get it.

I guess an argument could be made that I didn't get to do what I wanted, so I was more upset that I realized. Or that I don't want to commit to doing something so ... permanent (does that mean I have commitment issues?) Or... who knows? he's saying we'll pick the paint, and I just froze and didn't want to play anymore. That's all I know.

maybe I'll pick a color later... maybe. or maybe I just need him to leave the house for a week or 3 and let me see how I want it. That may be best. I can't even get the house to stay clean long enough to get used to having a kitchen table for anything, much less decide what color should go behind it.


sometimes I think I just need a break. I don't know if it's my anti-socialism coming out, but I need more time to myself. Yet, to add a tang of Yang to it... Whenever I have time to myself, and I"m by myself... that's when I need him around me the most.

Originally Posted Saturday, April 28, 2007 Day 26/24

Day 26/24

It started off as a day, not even a Day, really, just a day, like the 6 years worth before it.

However, the only bright side, is that I discovered that Memorial Day happens the Monday before my last day of work... So my last week of work will be a 4 day week. (whoo-hoo) And I get next Tues off ('cause my mom's in town) So it was actually Day 24.

Nothing like suddenly 2 days being cut from your term.

Other than that, no real news to report. I'm still being ignored, but I've been informed that no one in Ketchikan will be doing the home health billing after I'm gone. Which was a total shock to me, and I'm kinda offended. I mean, it's really too big of a job to do well, as well as the other work. But still. I guess everyone in my office knew it before my manager told me.

I swear to God, I'm not going to know how to work in an office that isn't filled w/ secrets, at the manager's request.

Originally posted Thursday, April 26, 2007 Day 27... (left) Current mood:confrontational

Even though they attempted to break me, I would not break. She thinks that by "Uninviting" (Seriously, I got an e-mail on Tuesday that informed me that my presence was no longer needed at the big PFS meeting and that I didn't need to come in until 8. wtf?? I'm still working there for the next 6 weeks man!) me to the group meetings that I will feel lonely and isolated (ok, so I was, a bit)... and overworked since I was doing ALL the Customer Service while everyone else was in The Meeting from 7-11. But I would not break.

I will, however, (apparently) be bored to death. After working 2 bank loans (quite a bit more intensive than the regular stuff) and handling the phones and some tricky (read: Insane) customers, I went to lunch, where I discovered that I had TOTALLY lost my appetite. I did random things on the internet, and random things at work (I know I got some work done... I just can't prove it) and now I get to go home.

Ahhh, only 26 left to go. And, if I think about it like... 5 more mondays, then it's a lot easier.

And tomorrow is Friday. You can't beat that w/ a stick.

Originally Posted Saturday, April 21, 2007 Insert this blog between the Friday need a new job and the I got one blog

So, remember that big project yesterday? and How the admitting manager asked about the Auths missing? And so I told her we were just switching the ins, because on the e-mail that my manager sent out (Toto my dept) Admitting knew about this. She said that they didn't, so I sent my manager's e-mail to her, to remind her. So, she says she's going to talk to my manager at their 3.00 meeting, and then says that they didn't get around to it, so she will ask her this
morning. When I came in this morning, there was a big e-mail from the admitting lead to all the clinic people (that I got from the HH person, Valoree. Valoree had sent it to me, her manager, my manager and some other people {including Stephanie} asking if she was supposed to call a different number or something, I deleted it, figuring it's not my place telling her what to do that's her managers and
trainers) telling them that they need to bill the other blue cross, not the current blue cross. So, I figure that my manager and admitting manager have gotten together, and figured things out.

I just got called into my manager's office where I was lightly lashed, (or questioned as my manager likes to call it) about telling the admitting manager (who is the Frickin' Admitting Manager/Lead person!!!) that the reason we are changing the ins is 'cause my manager told us to, and doesn't she know about it?
I'm not to tell people stuff, 'cause when my manager wrote the e-mail telling us that Admitting knew about it, she meant that they didn't and that we were running a test group, and it's not to get around the hospital and confuse people.

I told her that according to the e-mail she sent me that Admitting already knew
about it, and Admitting manager was calling me asking me why everything was getting lost. She said that Admitting manager should have called her (granted, but my manager was in meetings all day) and I wasn't going to bring up the fact that she had tried to bring it up in the meeting, 'cause that's her problem.

she started to argue back w/ me, and then just shook it off, ran her hands
through her hair, said she'd get back to me and then did the dismissive thanks
that means she's done talking to you 'cause she's just done. So I quipped back,
"Thanks for ruining everthing?" and she just did that short barking laugh and
said yes.

I'm totally quitting. I just need that other job to be offered to me on Monday
and I'll be good to go. Golden, I think it's called.

Originally Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2007 I GOT THE JOB!!!!!

It was official yesterday morning, but I got the job (still in the hospital, just in a different dept) and it comes w/ a 3$ an hour raise!!! who---hoo!!!

Fancy living, here I come!

Originally Posted Friday, April 13, 2007 need a new job (yesterday's events)

yesterday my boss gave me a project. The project basically involved me telling someone else to update some info. Then, later, we got a call from a department which had been...

ok, a side note, I had rec'd an e-mail totally unrelated to this project, informing me that the department (the same dept) had prior knowledge to these changes.

The person in charge of that dept called to find out why we were erasing vast amounts of important bits of information. I said that it was an unfortunate side affect that no one had considered in 2 ranks of people who should.

She said she would contact my manager to figure out what to do, and also mentioned she hadn't heard ANYthing about this change.

And that was it for yesterday.

Originally Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2007 Emotional Rollercoaster

Today has been an emotional day.
I feel like crying, screaming, laughing, going to sleep 'cause I can't deal w/
it all...

the amusement comes from the fact that the internet is down (lord only knows
when I'll be able to post this) and cell phones are down, and long distance is
down... yet we can receive phone calls from long distance, and w/in the
town... but still, no one is calling about their bills, here at the hospital.
that's funny.

The intense joy comes from the fact that I girded up my courage and I called the
Home Health dept. and I was informed that not only is it allowed that I re-apply
(my talents haven't been in the best light, recently) but that 1) Shannon asked
HR if she could inform me that the job is open, again, and 2) she asked if they
could just hire me from the last application/interview. That's cool.

The sadness comes from the fact that an old love of mine is hurting, and I hurt
for him.

The excitement comes from the fact that he will be in town the same time I am in
town, and I may be able to see him, after 5 years

The homesickness comes from the fact that I wrote a short...
description/emotional journey about the thunderstorms in Austin, and how they
make me feel... and I felt such a tingle as I wrote it that I am about ready to
cry, 'cause I know that, barring some incredible/unexpected change in life that
I will never experience that again. And certainly not w/ the same way that I
felt about it back when I lived there.

The heartache comes from the fact that he and I will never be as we were before,
and a part of me ... just hates that so much...

The fear I feel is because I'm afraid that either Matt won't let me see him or
that he'll throw a fit that I'm asking, or that he'll come along w/ and be a
butt head... or that he won't come along w/, and will accuse me of something,
or that we won't meet at all, that something will come up (something usually
does) or that... or that... or that ... I don't know. that nothing will
happen, and we'll be 3 (or 2) strangers sitting at a table because everything
has changed... or we'll be strangers because nothing has changed, and that will
be just as bad. I just don't know what I'm afraid of, but I am.

The frustration because there are stupid people in this world, and they think
that they can tell me what they will and won't pay (as in what they owe) and I'm
going to have to send them to collections, but I don't want to, but they won't
pay, and then they double pay and it's all a HUGE mess. And I think I may be
more frustrated w/ them than I normally would be because of all this other stuff
going on.

Overall though, I'm feeling happy because I want this new job... and I want to
see him again, and I can't wait to go back home, even if it is only for the 3rd
week of Aug and I'll be in Arizona for the 4th... (which isn't home at all, but
I'll be w/ family so that will be alright.)

Originally Posted Saturday, March 24, 2007 Borat/TMNT

Borat was a letdown... it was just stupid. I was led to believe that it showed Americal at it's base roots, but it didn't. I also was led to believe that the Pamela Anderson scene was much bigger than it was 'cause of that huge fight she and her husband allegedly got into, right? Nope, it was a media storm blitz re: nothing and a nothing show.

Don't get me wrong, there was stupid humor and nekkid fat guys wrestling, and that was ok funny, but it really wasn't all that.... well, ANYthing

TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Each character got to say like, ONE of their character lines. Mikey says "I love being a turtle" once, towards the end and for no reason. he didn't do any cool turtle maneuvers. KC Jones only said 2 pts for high sticking once. It wasn't the running commentary. The score bit. Needed more base. BRING BACK MC HAMMER!!! They paid no homage to the "Turtles on a half shell... TURTLE POWER!!!" song AT ALL. It just really wasn't that good. And that makes me sad.

Originally Posted Friday, March 23, 2007 Valentine's Day

(I know this is late, but I just found it!)

So, for Valentine's Day, Well, it was WONDERFUL!!!

We had it a day early 'cause that was the day that Grandma took the baby for
overnight. Matt gave me a racquet ball set and racquet balls and said we'd play
(so happy! I love doing active things w/ him and I love playing, I just haven't
played in over 5 years! it's more than a game, it's a chance to enhance my
cursing vocab!)
Then we went to the shop, waited for everyone to leave, and played WoW together!
We did all of the Valentine's Quests all the way through, and got matching
outfits! /cheers Is that sickeningly sweet, or what?

We ordered dinner from Ocean View, and went home 6 hours after we showed up. When we got home, we snuggled on the couch, opened the new Magic cards, an dwatched the most recently downloaded episode of The Office... why was that romantic? It was the episode where Phyllis gets Married!!! (ooohhhh) And, ... it's the episode where Jim Pavlov's Dog Trains Dwight to want an Altoid every time he hears a computer restart. PRICELESS!!!!!!

And we didn't fight. Not even once.

Originally Posted Friday, March 23, 2007 I FOUND IT!!! Now may I present: Idiocracy and Farce of the Penguins: A Review

Movie Review: Idiocracy and Farce of the Penguins

Ok, Idiocracy had the same opening feel as BASEketballs, and I really did like that movie. Just suspend reality at the door. Check. TWOP would probably recommend heavy drinking. I'm ok w/ that. Check.

Plot Synopsis:

Evolution works on the best, right? Well, humans are at the top of the food chain, so now it's not a question of best, but of who breeds the fastest. So, who are your really smart friends? They don't have any kinds. Your kinda smart friends only have one, maybe two. Now, look at your friend who has an alcohol or drug problem. That is on welfare and can't be bothered to get off of it. Your friend who has more kid than they can take care of. THOSE are the genes that are being passed on.

Scary, huh?

Joseph was an Average guy (Average Joe, get it?!!?) in some branch of the armed forces (Army? Shrugs, doesn't matter) who's special talents are: no children, wife, parents or close friends who will ask questions if something happens. The girl (who's name I've already forgotten) is a prostitute who's agreed to go through with this 'cause they are going to drop charges. She, of course, tells Joe that she's a painter and that her pimp is her boyfriend/manager. This leads to many snicker jokes further on down the line.

These 2 get put in suspended animation for what is supposed to be a year, but is actually 500. Humankind has dumbed down to the point of where a Gatorade company has bought the FDA and convinced the world that water is only for toilet bowls. It's also in the water supply… that irrigates the crops. So there is a food shortage.

Justice is Judge Judy to the nth degree.

Well, after taking an IQ test, Joe is declared the smartest person in the world, and is put in as the Secretary of the Interior. (The Prez, of course, is the guy who kicks the most butts at a WWF type election)

And on, and on, and on.

I recommend watching this movie w/ a bunch of your friends, preferably while drinking. It's not worth re-watching (like BASEketballs is) over and over immediately, but maybe in a week or 3, or when I'm getting another friend to watch it to watch their reaction.

Farce of the Penguins

Don't show this to the kids unless you want to answer a LOT of questions you didn't think you'd have to answer until… college or something. LOL It's narrated by Samuel L. Jackson (who mentions a time or two that he's not getting paid enough for this) and has Bob Saget (Mr. Tanner of Full House fame) as the lead voice and producer. Which, by the way, if you only know him as Mr. Tanner, he is a dirty, dirty penguin. If you've been disabused of this "Mr. Tanner crap" before (as in maybe… The Aristocrats?!?!) you already know he's a dirty, dirty penguin. Again, not a movie for kids. There is a star studded cast, and I think a lot of friends of friends got in on it. This is actual penguin footage that has been pieced together. I'd recommend you start drinking at the start of the movie, and then keep drinking, 'cause it gets really slow towards the middle/end.


So, there are these penguins. And the males are at the water, eating. And talking about how they have an eating disorder 'cause they binge and then don't eat for 6 months… And now they are getting ready to head back to the main area, 70 miles away so that they can have sex. All except for one. That one wants a meaningful relationship. And they talk about sex. And food. And occasionally bowel movements. And it's, somehow, frickin' hilarious! Up until the middle, but once boy and girl meet, it kinda goes downhill. It's like they wanted to offend everyone that they could and now they've run out of material. (with this group, it seems unlikely, but maybe this is when they passed the bong around the writer's room) And then they thrown in some accidental anal sex (I'm not going to go into the details,) but that's not really funny, either. And then the women leave and the men stay with the eggs, and it's ok funny, but not really.

And then the two friends become friends again, and they talk about getting old and how awesome penguins look when they are old compared to, oh, say, turtles, 'cause have you ever seen a turtle with a walker? AND IT CUTS TO THESE 2 TURTLES HAVING SEX EXCEPT IT LOOKS LIKE ONE IS BEING USED AS A WALKER AND THE MALE TURTLE KEEPS GETTING ALL THESE PORNO FACE CLOSE UPS AND HE'S MAKING FUNNY TURTLE ORGASM FACES AND THE VOICE OVER IS AN OLD GUY GOING "EEEENNNNNHHHH" AND IT'S SO EFFIN FUNNY!!!!

And then it goes back to ok humor.

I recommend that you watch this movie w/ a bunch of friends and a bottle or 3, and start drinking slowly, and then heavier as the movie goes on. Or, stay sober for the first bit, and watch your friends.

No, really, I do recommend this. I have a feeling it may be like that Waiting movie that no one had seen, and then, suddenly, EVERYone in town had seen.

Originally Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2007 Farce of the Penguins and Idiocracy

Ok, I'm afraid that I am unable to actually write anything about it, 'cause just as I was about to hit send... the comp glitched and I lost YET ANOTHER FUCKIN' PAPER!!! Egads, now I remembe why I flunked out of school!

Farce: it's stupid. Drink lightly and move to heavinger

fuckin' hilarious cut scene of turtles doin' it

Idiocracy: I liked it. Light drinking throughout. Expect to go to work and find that it's already happening... the dumbing down of the world. Or maybe that's just me cause I work in a place where I deal w/ people who aren't smart enough to avoid getting sick, hurt or pregnant.

The effin end

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Originally Posted Tuesday, March 20, 2007 Movie Review

I went through and wrote a 2 page movie reveiew on these 2 movies that I watched last night (yes, I try to avoid my job sometimes!)

Farce of the Penguins & Idiocracy

However, it appears that my evil comp at work has taken its revenge and EATEN! them. so no review for you!

Originally Posted Friday, March 09, 2007 Soup

Today I made soup for the first time in forever. Every step of the way I was SURE it was going to be ruined... and it's pretty damn good.

Potato Leek.

Heh. who'da thunk it.

I'm SO GLAD it's friday. Thankfully Medicare has processed 31K for the Hospital in Home Health payments, which means I'm 31K closer to being done w/ the catch up phase. I'm about 200 K in the hole. So, 31 down, 169 to go?

Looks like tomorrow AM I'm going to be shopping, and then making a terrariam. I'm planning on placing GI Joes and lots of foliage and I'll put Greens on one side and Tans on the other and say that they're at war.

Maybe I have too much time on my hands.

Originally Posted Thursday, March 08, 2007 Tombstone Fic

Patty O'Chair is sneaking through the town after dark... She has a bunch of rope, some sticks... a gasoline can and... a body?!?!?

As you look closer, you notice that the body isn't a body at all, but her manager's clothes stuffed full of straw w/ a silly face drawn on. and... did she add a mustache and devil's horns? shame...

As she hoists the rope tied around the effigy's neck up over a post and starts to arrange the sticks underneath she pauses.

Suddenly she sprints over and looks at the calendar hanging by the jail.

She snaps her fingers in frusterations, and takes down her work. You can hear her talking to herself.

You draw back into the shadows as she starts walking towards you with her strange bundle. As she passes you, you can make out the words, "Stupid Thursday" and "They should really make Wednesday's longer!"

How strange... someone must have been very mean to her today, you muse to yourself.

Originally Posted Thursday, March 08, 2007 Yesterday's Bad Mood

First, an apology. I am sorry to anyone I may have snarled at yesterday.

It was a bad day.

Then my back started hurting.

Then my kid started to be annoying (she'd had a bad day, too!)

And the cat puked in my room, so hubby cleaned it up for me (Longstanding rule between us. He cleans up after the bodily functions of the furry children, I clean up after the human ones) and Elloywn kept asking where, exactly, did the cat puke... so eventually, I turned on her and hissed, "On your pillow."

Hubby then sent me to my room.

Today, even though I felt better, I wrote my first bit of short story fic in a LONG time... it's on my Neopet's Guild Site... The short version is:

The guild is "set" in Tombstone. I had Patty O'Chair (That's my Irish Name in the guild) basically get all set to burn my boss in effigy, but found out that "Wild Wednesday" was over, and so she went and put the straw stuffed set of manager's clothing back in the barn.

It was fun and made me feel TONS better.


Maybe I'll find it and post it here.

Originally Posted Tuesday, March 06, 2007 Geeky Girl?

So, does it make me geeky that I have a wallet, not a purse?

No? what about if my driver's liscense is on one side and a mokey giving the thumbs up is on the other, so my daughter can hold it up, laugh and say, "Look, mommy, a mokey on each side!"?

No? ok. what if it's holding my Ipod?

still no? and not one but 2 forms of USB to other converters (one to IPod in case I gotta download NOW and one for my cell so I can use the comp to program your cell phone in... NOW!)?

ok, how about this...

a 1 GB flash drive w/ TONS of Deadlands RPG campaign stuff on it that I downloaded at work and then swiped over quicklike so that no one would catch me


Sword of 1,001 Truth written on the side.

Yeah, I thought so, too.

- C

Originally Posted Monday, February 12, 2007 Things I think about...

When I puke.

Like, did you know that trying to bite someone's armpit can result in laughing SO HARD that the coughing ensues. And then there is that moment of almost puke feeling.

Matt told me I shouldn't puke. But I got the last word on him. I told him he didn't have the right to tell me what to do... and then I went outside and puked for a bit.

Which leads me to my next thought. Puking out the 2nd story, if it's a good long heave, really allows you to have the dual sensation of watching you puke hit the christmas tree and deck the oil tank is on WHILE experiencing the chunks grazing on the edge of the front of your teeth as it comes hurling (pardon the pun) ouf of your mouth. Kinda interesting, or Zen-like... or something.

But, the silver lining, is:

Now I don't have to feel bad about having an extra sandwich for dinner!

Originallyk Posted Friday, February 09, 2007 fight

So, Hubby and I just had a pretty bad fight. I mean, we've had really bad fights before... but none where we actually say what is going on.

We still didn't, but we got closer.

He says I'm walking around depressed, like I'm going to cry at any moment. That I should go back to counseling. I should make an appt.

I said I would when he would. He said he's not walking around depressed. I said he's walking around like a thundercloud. He said not for the last week. I said it has been for a lot longer.

The uncaring attitude, and then unkind words have to stop or I will leave. That's all that I can think. Well, that and... I'm more than a maid/cook, right?

Originally Posted Thursday, February 08, 2007 Tired Morning

This morning I went to work and was a bit sleepy... as usual as I can't seem to get to bed before midnight, and the alarm rings at 6...

I had a small list of credit cards that needed to be run, so I decided to do those, firt. Easy as lyin'!

I sit down and the CC machine feels a bit wierd, but, whatever. And it doesn't seem to want to work well.

Thats when I realized that Ruby had moved her desk around, for cleaning and re-organizational purposes, and had put her phone in front of the CC machine, and I was dialing CC numbers.

I've GOT to go to bed earlier, tonight!

Originally Posted Friday, February 02, 2007 Monday

I made breakfast for everyone, and made lunches for baby and myself.
I went to a meeting where I was given a list of things to do (I've not been able
to do them, however.)
I went to lunch.
I stared, despairingly, at a pile of phone messages, and knew that they would
each be more trouble than the last one (or even the emergencies that I was doing
now, instead of actually doing the stuff I'm supposed to be doing)
I kept thinking about my honey's lvl 14 Warlock and giggling madly at the fact
that we played online together for about 30 hours this weekend. Good times.

Sarah-Friend was going to do this big How To Host A Murder party at my house... I was sick, and so we didn't do it. I'm wondering if she plans on rescheduling or not...
I wonder this because I now have a recipe for a 20's era dessert called an "Ice
Box Cake" now, I've never had one, and never made one, but it sounds good (and on the recipe it says, "If you are trying to reduce, just skip this recipe"
Which sounds both ominous and delicious.)

I have "You Are His Cheeseburger" song stuck in my head

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Originally Posted Thursday, December 07, 2006 new complaint

So, the blog wouldn't let me post the edit, and now I'm not sure if the
entire last post is done (see,another bit of proof that Karma does not
equal my friend, today, right?)

Here I'm trying again:
Ok, Moral of the day:
Don't call in sick to work so you can have a "fun Day" 'cause Karma
knows and she is an unforgiving one.

Today: My credit card is 1k overdrawn, my 2nd flat in a month (which
means the spare is already on the truck) 4 new tires = 650$ I had to get
a bank loan to cover the Credit card and the new tires. And other things
of that nature... Oh, and my phone stopped working.

Remember: It's always better to just go to work.
Edit: And I just found out that WoW has a 2 hour patch, when I only have
30 min left to play on my "fun day" Sigh

Originally Posted Thursday, December 07, 2006 Karma hates me

Ok, Moral of the day:
Don't call in sick to work so you can have a "fun Day" 'cause Karma
knows and she is an unforgiving one.

Today: My credit card is 1k overdrawn, my 2nd flat in a month (which
means the spare is already on the truck) 4 new tires = 650$ I had to get
a bank loan to cover the Credit card and the new tires. And other things
of that nature... Oh, and my phone stopped working.

Remember: It's always better to just go to work.

Originally Posted Saturday, October 21, 2006 sigh

You know how, sometimes, you have something awesome you want to
blog... like a random thought, or funny story? And then you never do.
Story of my blog, man... story of my blog.

Originally Posted Sunday, October 08, 2006 Adventures in Cooking

I just want it known, that now, about 10 months after my mother's family
re-outfitted me in potholders that I haven't burned a single one. Ellowyn
did, a month or so ago, and then last week, Matt was pouring something
out, and set the pot holder on the element.

Suddenly we all smelled it burning, and he jerked it off, stared at the
perfect circles, spiraling inward, and said, "Dammit! I've pulled a

Originally Posted Sunday, October 08, 2006 Ode to Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Please do not judge me by my high protein choice
For I am new, at using this voice.
Now, Cottage Cheese?... it seems so odd
why not Bisquick or Flour?!?
But South Beach Says,
"If you skip the Starch,
you'll be skinnier by the hour!"

Ok, so all my rhyming, and most of my rhythem is horrid.
but the food, surprisingly, is good. (not necessarily South Beach food,
which I'm not really using their diet, but this recipe, in particular)

However, I just have one itsy bitsy complaint. As I attempt to coax 1/2 C.
of cottage cheese through my seive (I'm actually using my mesh
colander) I look at what is coming out the other side and I think. "Hey! If
you wanted me to use ricotta cheese, you should have just put it in the
recipe!" Maybe the extra work of mashing w/ a spoon is burning
calories in some vital, yet unknown, way? Yeah, me too!

And, I made Tsinki and Blushing Apples.
Hey, MA! Check me out! I'm being all domestic, n' shit! LOL I just
about re-organized the kitchen, and the laundry is about all caught up.
I've got at least a week of lunches and dinners in the fridge and freezer,
total cost: approx: 130

I think I may feel guilty for coming up w/ the idea of dying my kid's hair
pink, or purple or blue for her 7th birthday (it's on friday) and so I'm trying
to make the house look good to prove to my husband that I can be
normal? Yeah, I don't think he'll fall for it, either.

Originally Posted Friday, October 06, 2006 Going to bed

I think it's time for bed. I'm going outside to smoke and then in to bed.
I may read some of the Historian" good book. might be scary, so I may
not. I don't really have anyone to pull into bed w/ me except the cats, and
they aren't amused by my terrified clutching. Maybe the Baby. She
wouldn't notice if I climbed into bed w/ her 'cause I had a nightmare. :)

Originally Posted Wednesday, October 04, 2006 It's late

Current mood: sleepy

So I guess I'm going to bed. It's now 11.15 which is almost 1.5 hours
later than I will stay up with Matt begging me to stay up... which is odd.
I told the cats that I have to go, 'cause someone in this house has to
make money. They looked at me w/ the "Yeah Right" look... it's the
same on Ellowyn and Matt give me. I told them that some one in this
house has to make money, buy toys, etc. right?
Yeah, you don't believe me, either, do you?

Orignally posted Wednesday, October 04, 2006 Need a smoke!

Brought over from Myspace
Current mood: lonely

so the posting gods don't love me.
I had this HUGE rant about how Matt's mother's grandmother has just
passed away, and everyone left me for the funeral (ok, it wasn't so
whiney sounding and all about me sounding) and I have TONS of Matt's
bills to pay, but only w/o his money and so I'm broke, and I really need a
cigarette and I don't have any and I'd feel guilty spending 1/7th of our
total money on smokes... but a happy mommy and all that, right?
And I was talking about all this stuff, and how patheticly lonely I am and it
shows 'cause I'm watching Ashton Kutchor (yeah, mis-spelled it the first
time I wrote this blog, too) and Amanda Peet's "A Lot Like Love" and
OH, yeah, the first thing that I wrote on the blog was:

For those of you who know me, you know to find my ramblings at my
livejournal account, but the password eludes me, and the e-mail it is
attached to is unaccessable, and yeah, so if you want to find out more
about me:

Other than that, I just need to vent to my... digital world. yeah. Gonna
CTL+A now, and then Ctl+C and that way I can make sure I don't have to
do this, again. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Haircut

Ever since E was little, she's had long hair. at 3 separate points she's cut it, and on the last one, I'd informed her that if she did it again, I would shave her head. She didn't do it again.
However, her hair was getting past her butt, and there is this one area that is obviously damaged. It is that one spot, over your right shoulder, just under armpit level that is almost impossible to get yourself. Now, add to that the fact that my darling daughter is pretty headstrong. Obstinate some might call it. Matt says she's just like her momma. /sigh She wouldn't listen to me when I would show her how to flip it over a shoulder and be brushed. So it would get worse and worse until I would have to brush it, myself. (no mean task, and adding that at Grandma's, she just did it her self w/ a soft bristle brush added up to some pretty traumatic mornings)
So, I decide that I've had it and her hair needs to be cut at least to her armpits.
We make the appointment, and the more she thinks about it, the more she really wants short hair. Not just short-ER hair, but Short Hair.
The morning of, she drops me off at my work, and goes to tell everyone in my work place that she is getting her hair cut to halfway down her neck. One of the nurses asks her how old she is.
"9" she replies.
The nurse (who is kinda famous for getting loud and excited) exclaims, "Oh My GOD!!! That's just perfect!!! Do you know what 9 is, in Numerology? It's the number of Completion!!! Did you know that?!?"
My darling sweetheart daughter, "Yeah, I know."
At which point we all laugh.
After work we went to the Salon (closest I could find to their actual website link... I don't think they have one), and E got her hair cut.
I wasn't sure how I was going to react, really... First I made sure I'd bring a book, so I wouldn't get too bored. I never picked it up. At some points I thought maybe I'd cry, but that seemed silly. I generally am not a cry-er. I couldn't get quite as happy/excited as SOME people, but I managed to not be stunned into complete silence.
I took quite a few pictures. I'm linking to them.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A-Team Wisdom

This is a list of things that I, personally, have learned from the A-Team.

Epic - Adj.: Heroic and impressive in quality

1) Dynamite takes 3 attempts to light and then blow up

2) Cars/Jeeps/Tanks are actually actively looking for ANY reason to jump up and flip over.

3) A needle stick can be explained away as a mosquito bite

4) Any vehicle can be turned into a weapon if you have a guy who can weld on your side.

5) There will always be a bad guy who can only be taken down by sheer force.
5 a.) If you hold the moral high ground, you can easily win by throwing him in the back of his own truck. The fight will just leave him.