Monday, January 28, 2013

Today in the News...

I heard the funniest clip on the radio this morning.  “The Ubuntu people are dancing in the streets as the French has liberated their city.  The French army is poised and ready to invade Timbuktu.”

Seriously?!?  Like, did no one in the radio editing office or whatever listen to this clip and say, “nope, WAY too many things that are potentially hilarious about this”

First to my head is:  isn’t Ubuntu an operating system or software or something like that?  So then I get a vision of all of these software nerds, like all dancing around Napoleon Dynamite style:

(and, as the pictures TOTALLY show, I believe Linux nerds can be hot and Napoleon Dynamite can be cool…)

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The next thought on my list is “What?  France invaded something??  And is winning???  (Sorry, France, but I cut my teeth on the “and just to be on the safe side, France surrenders” meme.)

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And then my thoughts run to Timbuktu as this sort of mythical place (this time, blame my mother!  We’d always joke about re-route things through Timbuktu.)  So, in my mind, it doesn’t have the legitimacy as, say, London, or even the Arctic Circle.  (we learned about the Arctic Circle in Science class…  my Geography teacher may have mentioned Timbuktu once in passing…)

But, I swear, I know Timbuktu exists!!!

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 Ok…  but until this blog post, I probably couldn’t have told you that it was in Africa…

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