Wednesday, July 31, 2013

new books for free

These aren't for sale on Amazon, but this is the easiest way to link to them all.

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This book is just the book, it doesn't have the tarot cards or anything attached.

Really good alternate history book.  It went off of individual battles rather than overall differences in cultures due to the loss of a war.

I really really love this author.  Re-telling history w/ a bit more human interaction.  This wasn't the best book, but it was still pretty good.

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A book about a Vampire who falls in love w/ a Human and there are Werewolves as well.  interesting stratification of the different races, the love story was meh, the main plotline got shoved to the side for the love story, but they tied up most strings at the end (kind)  still, not bad. 

Ok, not 100% sure I read this one...  I don't remember it...

Good book, but I had a hard time getting into it.  Different.  (which is generally good.  it left the traditional boring plot twists behind and found a few new ones)

Awesome awesome book.  Only giving this away because somehow I bought it twice (see?  that good)

Ok, I really liked this book, but I think that I need to find the other books?  Also, some very cool thoughts on ghosts/steampunk/etc.  I may use bits of that in my future writing.  And the thing w/ the guys and their swords of grey?  Seriously, it was maybe 1 paragraph in this book.  Just enough to let you know kind of what is going on, but dropped b/c more important things were going on.  I'm TOTALLY!!! using that in one of my roleplaying games that I DM.  Freaking brilliant.

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