Thursday, December 12, 2013

On a scale of "Lunch" to "Winning the Lottery"

Why isn't this a real scale?  There's the pain scale of 1-10, there's all sorts of scales where 1 is something that is ok, and 10 is amazing.  I feel that if we changed it so that the scale is 1 (you get lunch, and who doesn't like lunch?) to 10 (you win the lottery) people would be more likely to rate how they really feel. 
Doctor's office survey of how you much you like the doctor:  1: lunch  10: Winning the lottery.  Most people are goign to be more honest and say 5 or 6.  The Doctor did what I expected and saw me and we discussed my medication, and then they stuck things inside my body and removed things (blood, whatever) and then they charged me 300$ for the privilege of their knowledge. 
Just a thought.

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