Monday, December 22, 2008


So I bought a bunch of really cool stuff at last week, and on Sunday I realized that we hadn't gotten it, yet. I went to their super cool, easy to use site and tracking, and I pushed my tracking number.
Well, it turns it's being held in Anchorage for further Security Checks...
I'm thinking this is pretty damn funny, 'cause what am I going to order that needs extra security checks AFTER it's been flown 90% of the way here? Oh, right...
(I'll let y 'all know what it is, exactly, that I got for my darling husband after Christmas... he's internet savvy, you know, and I don't want him to stumble upon it)

So on the way home, I'm teasing him w/ the knowledge of what it could be. And he accuses me of getting us put on some watchlist, somewhere.
I respond, (with the quote of the weekend)
"What's the point of being bad, if there's no one watching?"

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