Thursday, May 23, 2013

D&D Books that I'm selling, Part 1 of many

These are some books that I've acquired in various ways.  I'm cleaning out shelves.  Please check and see if you are interested in any of these.  If you are click the link.  :)
If you are interested in purchasing these directly, and you know me in real life, send me a message and I can just sell to you direct, and we can skip fees/shipping/blah/blah :)
As many of you know, I've finished my Undergrad program (Bachelor's of Liberal Arts, Major Emphasis History, Minor Emphasis in Art)  I've applied to Grad School, and I've calculated the total cost to me to be about $50,000.  At the end of which, I'll be a High School History teacher.  Which I'm really really looking forward to.  Due to a variety of reasons, money being one of them, I will be holding off on Grad School for a year, and I'll be just stocking money away towards that.
At any rate, all proceeds from the sale of these books go towards Grad School.  Currently, I'm at $1,050.28  (I had to pay for graduation fees and application fees for Grad School)


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