Saturday, June 1, 2013

World Of Darkness listing

Today appears to be primarily a World of Darkness (Wod) book sale kind of day.  However, I am tired I had a long week.  Tomorrow I'll log some serious listing time.  I have an ENTIRE huge box that I just opened that was all carefully packed WoD books  I went ahead and listed them below.  :)
We'll just call it a "teaser" of the books to be listed, not exhaustion, ok?  (But as a teaser... I'm seeing a bunch of Wraith, Kindred, TONS of Hunter orange, and a fair amount of these solid grey books that are for Wraith, some sort of Artificer's Sourcebooks...  Is that even something that people like?  I don't remember even carrying them in Gateway Games)

Mage:  The Ascension we have:  Technocracy Assembled 2
Vampire:  the Masquerade:  Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand, The Book of Madness: Whispers Without, Chaos Within
Hunter:  The Reckoning:  The Nocturnal


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