Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Thursday, March 08, 2007 Tombstone Fic

Patty O'Chair is sneaking through the town after dark... She has a bunch of rope, some sticks... a gasoline can and... a body?!?!?

As you look closer, you notice that the body isn't a body at all, but her manager's clothes stuffed full of straw w/ a silly face drawn on. and... did she add a mustache and devil's horns? shame...

As she hoists the rope tied around the effigy's neck up over a post and starts to arrange the sticks underneath she pauses.

Suddenly she sprints over and looks at the calendar hanging by the jail.

She snaps her fingers in frusterations, and takes down her work. You can hear her talking to herself.

You draw back into the shadows as she starts walking towards you with her strange bundle. As she passes you, you can make out the words, "Stupid Thursday" and "They should really make Wednesday's longer!"

How strange... someone must have been very mean to her today, you muse to yourself.

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