Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Saturday, April 21, 2007 Insert this blog between the Friday need a new job and the I got one blog

So, remember that big project yesterday? and How the admitting manager asked about the Auths missing? And so I told her we were just switching the ins, because on the e-mail that my manager sent out (Toto my dept) Admitting knew about this. She said that they didn't, so I sent my manager's e-mail to her, to remind her. So, she says she's going to talk to my manager at their 3.00 meeting, and then says that they didn't get around to it, so she will ask her this
morning. When I came in this morning, there was a big e-mail from the admitting lead to all the clinic people (that I got from the HH person, Valoree. Valoree had sent it to me, her manager, my manager and some other people {including Stephanie} asking if she was supposed to call a different number or something, I deleted it, figuring it's not my place telling her what to do that's her managers and
trainers) telling them that they need to bill the other blue cross, not the current blue cross. So, I figure that my manager and admitting manager have gotten together, and figured things out.

I just got called into my manager's office where I was lightly lashed, (or questioned as my manager likes to call it) about telling the admitting manager (who is the Frickin' Admitting Manager/Lead person!!!) that the reason we are changing the ins is 'cause my manager told us to, and doesn't she know about it?
I'm not to tell people stuff, 'cause when my manager wrote the e-mail telling us that Admitting knew about it, she meant that they didn't and that we were running a test group, and it's not to get around the hospital and confuse people.

I told her that according to the e-mail she sent me that Admitting already knew
about it, and Admitting manager was calling me asking me why everything was getting lost. She said that Admitting manager should have called her (granted, but my manager was in meetings all day) and I wasn't going to bring up the fact that she had tried to bring it up in the meeting, 'cause that's her problem.

she started to argue back w/ me, and then just shook it off, ran her hands
through her hair, said she'd get back to me and then did the dismissive thanks
that means she's done talking to you 'cause she's just done. So I quipped back,
"Thanks for ruining everthing?" and she just did that short barking laugh and
said yes.

I'm totally quitting. I just need that other job to be offered to me on Monday
and I'll be good to go. Golden, I think it's called.

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