Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Wednesday, May 09, 2007 Day 17: Thwarted

Have you ever gone a day convinced that everyone is actively trying to Thwart you and your goals?

That was my day, today.

I'm not even sure how many different fronts I was actively being Thwarted on... Let me try to count them (Goal, by the way, is for me to really clean up the Home Health system before I leave)

1) Medicare: There are several accounts where Medicare has paid, IN F-sking full!, and yet there is still a balance? WHY!??!!?!

2) Analyst: This is the person that I go to when there is a possible system problem, for example something paying in full and there still being a balance. I had 7 accounts like this. She's too busy to get to it, and are they old? Yeah, they are all over 210 days (which is OLD in the AR universe) "So why all of this now?" "I'm trying to clean up." "really?!? so NOW you're going to get it all fixed?" unfortunatley no, as everyone is too busy to try to do their part, which, granted, I don't expect everyone to drop everything, 'cause I don't like to... but I have been asking off and on for a few months, now...

3) Medicaid: I have 5 service dates. A-E, we'll say. Medicaid came through and paid C, D & E. I send in a written request for them to process A&B as well (first I had to get my Auth gal to get the Auth for me) and Medicaid pays... and takes back their payment for C, D & E. (Which means that when they are done, I'm deeper in the hole than I was, originally. Fiscally speaking)

4) My Auth Gal: Ok, not totally her fault, but I can't get the bills paid until she gives me the Authorization number, which the Ins has to give to her... oh, and there was one little incidence of me having to divide one bill out into Prior to 9/7, After 9/18 and Physical Therapy, and After 9/18 and Skilled Nursing... and 9/14 which has No AUTH at all. It somehow isn't covered by ANYthing. Although, she's pretty cool about me being a loose cannon and all. I mean, how many people (on a land line) could YOU call that you work with, start growling about how they are Actively Thwarting you... and then have them pretend that they are going through a tunnel w/ their cell phone and make staticky noises... LOL

5) Oh, and there's my poster. She posts money to the accounts and adjusts off amounts if they need to be. I have an account that is over a year old w/ 4$ on it. I need that adj off, please. Yeah, she's having problems w/ it, and can't do that. Sorry.... but she'll send an e-mail to the analyst...

So I think that's it, for now.... I mean, and that isn't even counting people who just aren't paying on their bills. That's de regiour.

I think it's best summed up in this little story about what I saw out of my window...

There was this raven sitting there, and preening. "look at me, I'm so pretty" So I do. And it takes a crap, and then flys off.

The End

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