Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Monday, May 07, 2007 Day 19

Today wouldn't have been so bad except I was banging my head up against the same damn brick wall that I've been banging it for the last 3 years... uncooperative people... or, worse than that, just unmotivated.

I worked on a project that someone else started, and then divided it up by the alphabet, and handed it out, and was told that since I'd already started it... ummm, no. I was working it back when they were, I just fielded this phone call and now I get to hear all this crap about how the ins had better pay or else? yeah. whatever.

and I hear moan after groan about how they are doing all this work, then why are my files so clean, and I'm also doing billing? (granted, the billing is ALL bad, but the new system is NOT! FRIENDLY! to the billers. I can't even see the payments posted, really. Not unless I know exactly which service dates I'm looking for. And, again, see how people aren't cooperating. I can't even bill it until I get the Auths.

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