Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Friday, February 02, 2007 Monday

I made breakfast for everyone, and made lunches for baby and myself.
I went to a meeting where I was given a list of things to do (I've not been able
to do them, however.)
I went to lunch.
I stared, despairingly, at a pile of phone messages, and knew that they would
each be more trouble than the last one (or even the emergencies that I was doing
now, instead of actually doing the stuff I'm supposed to be doing)
I kept thinking about my honey's lvl 14 Warlock and giggling madly at the fact
that we played online together for about 30 hours this weekend. Good times.

Sarah-Friend was going to do this big How To Host A Murder party at my house... I was sick, and so we didn't do it. I'm wondering if she plans on rescheduling or not...
I wonder this because I now have a recipe for a 20's era dessert called an "Ice
Box Cake" now, I've never had one, and never made one, but it sounds good (and on the recipe it says, "If you are trying to reduce, just skip this recipe"
Which sounds both ominous and delicious.)

I have "You Are His Cheeseburger" song stuck in my head

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