Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Thursday, May 24, 2007 Day 7 (or... Songs That Got Stuck In My Head)

Nothing exciting happened... that was nice.

So, instead, I compiled a list of songs that got stuck in my head at random points in the day. Generally, the criteria for getting stuck in my head is:

1) it's there for about an hour or more

2) it's a real song (as in, I can't make it up in my head and then get that stuck)

3) I can't FORCE it into my head (examples, when I was researching a song to try to remember the name of it, I accidentally got that "Special" song by the Pretenders in, but to get that, I had to force myself to think of the song... that doesn't count, 'cause I did it to myself, willingly)

Ok here we go:

"You're Big, I'm Little" by Jr. Asparagus in Dave and the Giant Pickle (Veggie Tales)

"Mother" - Danzig (Guitar Hero II)

"Tattooed Love Boys" (Just the opening bits, though) - the Pretenders (Guitar Hero II)

"Betty and Me" - Jonathan Coulton

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