Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Thursday, May 10, 2007 Day 16.

I am trying to get caught up, but unfortunately things just keep happening. Like today I spoke w/ 5 different people, solved one problem, and set up 4 payment arrangements all before 9! Then I spent the next hour making sure I hadn't made any mistakes. LOL That's the worst.

Next Wednesday I have a 2 hour appt set up w/ Boss Lady to start the transition of my accounts to someone else. I don't know why it irritates me so.

I remember in High School (Drama class) there was a boy, Kevin, who was, as a student, directing a play. His lead male couldn't step up to the performance, so he actually took over the part. He got some ribbing about how he did what all directors dream of doing, which is just taking over and doing the damn thing yourself.

That's how I feel about this billing. If only I did the entry (which is the job I WILL be doing) I would make sure that this got fixed in a timely manner... and then I could bill it. LOL

On a side note. It's spring, which means I spend 50$ on my mother in law for plants for her birthday and another 50$ for her for Mother's Day (They are about a week apart) I think it's a good gift, and we spend the time, together, planning gardens, and looking at plants.... I think this year I will only focus on my herbs... Right now I have oregano, Something and Something... But what I really want is Basil, as I've discovered I absolutely LOVE pesto pizza when I make the pesto AND the pizza. hrm... another example of my directoral powers? possibly... I just hate delegating when I know I do it better, myself.

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