Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Originally Posted Thursday, December 07, 2006 new complaint

So, the blog wouldn't let me post the edit, and now I'm not sure if the
entire last post is done (see,another bit of proof that Karma does not
equal my friend, today, right?)

Here I'm trying again:
Ok, Moral of the day:
Don't call in sick to work so you can have a "fun Day" 'cause Karma
knows and she is an unforgiving one.

Today: My credit card is 1k overdrawn, my 2nd flat in a month (which
means the spare is already on the truck) 4 new tires = 650$ I had to get
a bank loan to cover the Credit card and the new tires. And other things
of that nature... Oh, and my phone stopped working.

Remember: It's always better to just go to work.
Edit: And I just found out that WoW has a 2 hour patch, when I only have
30 min left to play on my "fun day" Sigh

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