Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Orignally posted Wednesday, October 04, 2006 Need a smoke!

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Current mood: lonely

so the posting gods don't love me.
I had this HUGE rant about how Matt's mother's grandmother has just
passed away, and everyone left me for the funeral (ok, it wasn't so
whiney sounding and all about me sounding) and I have TONS of Matt's
bills to pay, but only w/o his money and so I'm broke, and I really need a
cigarette and I don't have any and I'd feel guilty spending 1/7th of our
total money on smokes... but a happy mommy and all that, right?
And I was talking about all this stuff, and how patheticly lonely I am and it
shows 'cause I'm watching Ashton Kutchor (yeah, mis-spelled it the first
time I wrote this blog, too) and Amanda Peet's "A Lot Like Love" and
OH, yeah, the first thing that I wrote on the blog was:

For those of you who know me, you know to find my ramblings at my
livejournal account, but the password eludes me, and the e-mail it is
attached to is unaccessable, and yeah, so if you want to find out more
about me:


Other than that, I just need to vent to my... digital world. yeah. Gonna
CTL+A now, and then Ctl+C and that way I can make sure I don't have to
do this, again. :)

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