Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally posted Thursday, April 26, 2007 Day 27... (left) Current mood:confrontational

Even though they attempted to break me, I would not break. She thinks that by "Uninviting" (Seriously, I got an e-mail on Tuesday that informed me that my presence was no longer needed at the big PFS meeting and that I didn't need to come in until 8. wtf?? I'm still working there for the next 6 weeks man!) me to the group meetings that I will feel lonely and isolated (ok, so I was, a bit)... and overworked since I was doing ALL the Customer Service while everyone else was in The Meeting from 7-11. But I would not break.

I will, however, (apparently) be bored to death. After working 2 bank loans (quite a bit more intensive than the regular stuff) and handling the phones and some tricky (read: Insane) customers, I went to lunch, where I discovered that I had TOTALLY lost my appetite. I did random things on the internet, and random things at work (I know I got some work done... I just can't prove it) and now I get to go home.

Ahhh, only 26 left to go. And, if I think about it like... 5 more mondays, then it's a lot easier.

And tomorrow is Friday. You can't beat that w/ a stick.

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