Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Originally Posted Sunday, October 08, 2006 Ode to Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Please do not judge me by my high protein choice
For I am new, at using this voice.
Now, Cottage Cheese?... it seems so odd
why not Bisquick or Flour?!?
But South Beach Says,
"If you skip the Starch,
you'll be skinnier by the hour!"

Ok, so all my rhyming, and most of my rhythem is horrid.
but the food, surprisingly, is good. (not necessarily South Beach food,
which I'm not really using their diet, but this recipe, in particular)

However, I just have one itsy bitsy complaint. As I attempt to coax 1/2 C.
of cottage cheese through my seive (I'm actually using my mesh
colander) I look at what is coming out the other side and I think. "Hey! If
you wanted me to use ricotta cheese, you should have just put it in the
recipe!" Maybe the extra work of mashing w/ a spoon is burning
calories in some vital, yet unknown, way? Yeah, me too!

And, I made Tsinki and Blushing Apples.
Hey, MA! Check me out! I'm being all domestic, n' shit! LOL I just
about re-organized the kitchen, and the laundry is about all caught up.
I've got at least a week of lunches and dinners in the fridge and freezer,
total cost: approx: 130

I think I may feel guilty for coming up w/ the idea of dying my kid's hair
pink, or purple or blue for her 7th birthday (it's on friday) and so I'm trying
to make the house look good to prove to my husband that I can be
normal? Yeah, I don't think he'll fall for it, either.

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