Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Haircut

Ever since E was little, she's had long hair. at 3 separate points she's cut it, and on the last one, I'd informed her that if she did it again, I would shave her head. She didn't do it again.
However, her hair was getting past her butt, and there is this one area that is obviously damaged. It is that one spot, over your right shoulder, just under armpit level that is almost impossible to get yourself. Now, add to that the fact that my darling daughter is pretty headstrong. Obstinate some might call it. Matt says she's just like her momma. /sigh She wouldn't listen to me when I would show her how to flip it over a shoulder and be brushed. So it would get worse and worse until I would have to brush it, myself. (no mean task, and adding that at Grandma's, she just did it her self w/ a soft bristle brush added up to some pretty traumatic mornings)
So, I decide that I've had it and her hair needs to be cut at least to her armpits.
We make the appointment, and the more she thinks about it, the more she really wants short hair. Not just short-ER hair, but Short Hair.
The morning of, she drops me off at my work, and goes to tell everyone in my work place that she is getting her hair cut to halfway down her neck. One of the nurses asks her how old she is.
"9" she replies.
The nurse (who is kinda famous for getting loud and excited) exclaims, "Oh My GOD!!! That's just perfect!!! Do you know what 9 is, in Numerology? It's the number of Completion!!! Did you know that?!?"
My darling sweetheart daughter, "Yeah, I know."
At which point we all laugh.
After work we went to the Salon (closest I could find to their actual website link... I don't think they have one), and E got her hair cut.
I wasn't sure how I was going to react, really... First I made sure I'd bring a book, so I wouldn't get too bored. I never picked it up. At some points I thought maybe I'd cry, but that seemed silly. I generally am not a cry-er. I couldn't get quite as happy/excited as SOME people, but I managed to not be stunned into complete silence.
I took quite a few pictures. I'm linking to them.

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