Friday, February 20, 2009

Sunday, May 13, 2007 Happy Mother's Day

Today was pretty nice. I slept about 12 hours, and totally ignored house work. We went out to Matt's mom's house and I grilled (lol the joys of being Junior Mother, I guess) and it was nice. Baby got me a really cool pair of crystal and silver earrings and Matt says he was going to either buy me chairs for the house or guitar hero… I kinda want Guitar Hero, however, I can't imagine how I'll find the time to obsess about it like I know I'll want to. LOL I already hardly watch my Netflix.

Baby's sense of style is really starting to come out. It's just a hint, now, but I think she's going to go w/ the Girly/Sporty look, later in life. Today she wore: Hair up in pony tail, pulled through a pink ball cap w/ Tinkerbell on it. The shirt was Purple w/ that bunny (I have no clue what his name/trademark is, but he says all the mean things?) that says, "I'm not a meany, you're just a sissy." She wore a khaki colored mini skirt w/ a ruffled flair at the bottom, (built in shorts) and then white dress shoes. SO CUTE!!!

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