Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Friday, June 01, 2007 And now I remember why I left

So today Boss Lady, or EX-Boss Lady, I should say, was VERY exacting. She couldn't make sense of my notes (but I'm thinking that's cause she wasn't a home health biller), she wanted to know why other people were doing my job (I can't bill w/o an authorization from the ins, and I'm unable to get the authorization, just as I'm unable to correct system errors etc.) and various other things, including letting me know that people would be calling me if they had issues with this, and that she was going to wait until later to actually send it down south to the biller. /sigh At any rate, so today was like any other day that would be focused on me... except that I handled all of it w/ poise and grace, smiled and answered all of her questions, and stopped talking when she interrupted me, and instead answered the new question. If she asked me about something (again) that I had been interrupted while explaining, I merely started again from the beginning... At any rate, if I remembered that I only had X hours left, then it was all good. LOL

During the course of the day one woman was allowed to leave for the day at noon, and another left at her usual time of 4. I also noticed that other people got to go home early, too. However... I, since it was my last day, was not to leave early.

At 4.30, I said good bye to everyone (Everyone being Mary at the front desk and Lois, who was walking out the door ahead of me), grabbed up my paper box w/ my stuff, and noticed that Boss Lady hadn't left, yet. I stopped and knocked on her door frame, my box and coat in my hands. I said, "Well, I'm leaving, now..." She barely looked up and said, "Oh Shit!!!" Now, From her tone, I knew that meant that she had something that she had meant for me to do and had forgotten to tell me to do it, but I decided to smile really big and exclaim w/ mock enthusiasm, "Oh, so you really WILL miss me?!?!!!"

"No, I just realized I messed something up on my computer."

And that, I remembered, is why I'm leaving.

Thank you, good night, I'll let you know how my week w/o work goes!!! I don't start my new job until June 11!!! whoo-hoo!! Saturday night, Mike's Elbow Room! 10.30 PM, after LARP!

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