Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Saturday, May 12, 2007 Day 15... CSR Hell

Ok. We're down one girl, and one more had to take the day for just straight up billing, so Boss Lady was going to work her accounts for her... Didn't really work that way, AT ALL, but BL DID go through and work a bunch of stuff that I gave to her (needing managerial approval, etc.... Like this one company has decided that since they didn't request that the Dr. order a couple of tests to make sure that the patient was actually healthy on the physical that they require before they hire... they won't pay for them. And then she had the unmitigated gall to tell me I should be billing the doctor. my god.

So by 8.30, I had discovered that I needed to put away all goals and aspirations and just focus on answering the phone and solving people's problems… Actually, I'm a pretty big nerd about this, 'cause I felt pretty good about it, when it was done. Don't get me wrong, I was emotionally and mentally drained (HARD STUFF!!! Like trying to find out why the military insurance had suddenly decided that about 600$ worth of one person's hospital stay was redundant and they shouldn't pay for it! [answer, in case you care, is that a) it wasn't and b) they should and will]) I set people up on bank loans, I answered questions about charity. I pulled people out of collections… I EVEN managed to unsnarl this nasty bit of work that one of my other co-workers had dropped the ball on, and it should net about 10 grand that the hospital had already given up on and written off.

I'm good at this job. I really am. Every single person was satisfied when I finished with them and hung up the phone. Every person was happy (Except for one, and, listen Lady, there is absolutely no way that I can find out if your kid is eligible for Medicaid if you don't call and tell me so, and refuse to give me his social security number. True Story!)

I will miss this bit of it. Just the wading in, figuring out what is wrong and setting it to rights.

That I will miss a lot. But I guess I will have a new position, and new problems to solve… That's what an analyst does, right?

As for this week (end) I know I've been a butt head, and I've stood a lot of people up… and I can blame Matt being so sick (he really is bad off… I'm trying to get him to go to the Dr., but he keeps saying we can't afford it. He's had this cold a lot longer than I have, and even if it didn't hit him as hard as it did me… I worry for his lungs), but I'm also just really tired. I just want to sleep, and yet when it is time to. I can't. My brain is done, but my body isn't. I need to go and work out, but it's so late, that I know it will just jazz my body up, and then I won't sleep… And during the day when I say I will, my brain says I won't, and somehow… I don't.

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