Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Monday, April 30, 2007 Stayin' Alive....

Day 23

Today was good for several reasons. 1) Boss-Lady is gone until next week, but, as I am still incarcerated here, I shall continue to number my days by days at work, NOT by days... not sure how I'd word it, but... you know.

2) I have tomorrow off, so yeah. That's cool.

3) Boss-Lady is gone... heh

What I did today: I planned on not working hard at all, and I ended up cleaning up several troublesome accounts. I went through all of my workfiles. I went through someone else's troublesome account, and I fielded who knows how many calls/customers/complaints, and I'm pretty sure that the complainers went away happy 'cause they all said "Thank you, Carena" at the end. That makes me happy!

It's kind of strange, w/o Boss-Lady about, I got FAR more done than when she's in the office ignoring me, and my day was far better. She gets back next Tues... Maybe I'll just compare those days...

Tomorrow I plan on having lots of fun. Not sure what Mom and I are going to do, but it will be fun.

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