Friday, February 20, 2009

Originally Posted Monday, May 21, 2007 Day 9

Apt opening.
Stiner's is moving out 'cause she's found Twue Wuv. So she and the boy are
going to move in together... somewhere else. Which is an annoyance, but not a
big one. I'm glad she's happy. If you know of anyone who is interested in a 1
bedroom/bath apt for pretty cheap... LOL
Boss-Lady gone
So Boss-Lady is going to be gone, starting Day 8 and she's not coming back until
Day 3! Which is exciting, etc. The funny part is that I have been rocking when
it comes to Bank Loans (which is a payment option, that really is the best for
some people in a lot of ways, so the hospital pays over half of the interest,
and the pt is left w/ a base 6% that they pay, it's generally a high dollar
thing, so the fact that I've done about 20! in the last 2 weeks shows how cool I
am... and for general reference, I've done 3 in the 3 months prior to this!)
and bank Loans require a Managerial signature.
So w/ Boss-Lady gone, we normally go to 2nd in command. Who will also be gone to this business meeting. then we go to Ramona, who is also on vacation. Then, apparently we go to Cecilia (I asked if we can have a Pizza Party, and she said on Fri and we pull from petty cash) then, laughing, I asked who signs if Cecilia calls in sick? Lois. laughing, I demanded to know how far down the totem pole I was, and I wanted to know if I could ever sign, or if Helen in Housekeeping gets to sign first. Boss-Lady laughed and walked away.... /cry

New Job/PT comment
So, as I was walking down the hallway I noticed that Physical Therapy has a
new Welcome to the team poster up for some new person. The manager was
there (and I know it's the front desk girls who do this extra effort...) so
I mentioned how nice it was that the dept. was so welcoming. She thanked
me, and then said,
"Carena... are you the one who is moving over to the Home Health dept?"
I admitted that I was
She told me what a good dept it was and that she looks forward to working
with me. (Like she's heard good things about me, or something... it was
really cool and affirming)

The Office
Bridget Jones
There was this AWESOME episode of The Office a bit back where Kelly Kapur trained Kevin, Ocsar and that Blond woman I love to hate. She told them that sometimes she gives her "name as Bridget Jones (and starts speaking in the accent) and I speak like this ALLL day." Wanna know a secret? I always give my name out correctly, but if for some reason my voice twangs, or lilts or whatever... I keep it up for the entire conversation. It's fun.

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